About us


   "ETM" an innovative engineering company, whose main activities are services in the designing, manufacturing and implementation of industrial automation system and power distribution.

What we do:

  Our mission is creation of favorable conditions for your business development, increasing your company competitiveness, improving your employees working quality and conditions.

   Our specialists have wide experience which lets us provide quality analysis of your demands and implement best innovative technologies for your business.

   Main goal of our work is enhancement of your company productivity by means of using leading engineering decisions.

Basic principles of our work are:

  • Concentration on long term and mutually beneficial cooperation in relationships with our partners.

  • Strong focus on our partners demands and highest quality of our products and services.

  • Strict following our contractual obligations and as a consequence we are proud of good reviews from our clients.

  • Our experience and staff training level guarantee the highest quality of services and products for any area of industry.