Our services on energy saving and energetics:

Energysaving equipment


  • Consulting - object analysis, development of technical and commercial proposals, preparation of specifications, remote and on-site consultations.
  • Design - development of technical specifications, cost estimate, design and operational documentation.
  • Equipment production - we produce equipment ourselves on our production site, using quality modern materials and components.
  • Supply of equipment and materials - to meet our —Āustomers needs, in addition to equipment production, we can supply any third party equipment and materials.
  • Construction works - we offer full range of construction works in establishment or modernization of the customer energy facilities. Existing licenses for works of high danger allow us to perform work as a General Contractor or a Subcontractor.
  • Commissioning - we carry out the whole complex of commissioning works necessary for the introduction equipment into service, provide warranty and post-warranty services. Work can be performed as a General Contractor or a Subcontractor.

 We offer equipment for systems of generation, accounting and distribution of energy resources:

Energysaving equipment
  • Generator equipment control systems;
  • Boiler control systems;
  • Auxiliary equipment control systems;
  • Remote accounting cabinets;
  • Software for accounting and analysis of power utilities;
  • Complete transformer substations;
  • Cabinets of reactive power compensation;
  • Low-voltage distribution cabinets;
  • Medium-voltage distribution cabinets;
  • Backup equipment automatic connection cabinets;/li>
  • DC drive cabinets;
  • AC drive cabinets;
  • Uninterruptible power systems;
  • Heating control cabinets;
  • Thyristor power regulator;
  • Rectifiers for electroplating;
  • Custom equipment.