Water treatment subsystem

     Preparation of feed water is an integral part of the process of any boiler. Source water is filtrated, deionized and degassed. Separate stages of this process can be done different technological ways. LLC "Agroprominvest 08" steam boiler has chemical water treatment line with the separate control system.

Boiler control subsystem

     The main element of the steam boiler is a solid fuel boiler, designed for the biofuel combustion (sunflower husk). Particular features of burning this type of fuel require special boiler operating mode. Boiler supplying system is manufactured by JSC "Biysk boiler factory" and meets all necessary requirements.

Precipitator control sybsystem

     As a result of fuel combustion flue gases are formed in the boiler furnace, which have to be pre-treated before discharging to the atmosphere. Boiler-houses and thermal power plants use electrostatic filters as the treatment facilities, which precipitate the dust under the action of electrostatic field. The electrostatic precipitator comes with its own electrical system and control system.

Advantages of the implemented steam boiler control system:

  • full boiler workflow display of all subsystems;
  • sensors data collecting and processing, and transfer of key performance indicators to the operator display;
  • automated major boiler systems performance monitoring, including security systems;
  • alarm in case of emergency situations;
  • ability of quick reaction and control actions performance in automatic mode to prevent emergency situation diffusion;
  • recording, archiving and storing of the process data of abnormal situations and operator actions.


KotelSkaf KotelOsnovn

Scope of work done:

  • Development of power supply project documentation;
  • Development of project documentation for power electrical equipment and process automation;
  • Manufacturing of electrical equipment, according to the project parts:
    • automation and input/output signal cabinets (on the basis of Siemens equipment);
    • cabinets of technological equipment and machinery control (on the basis of equipment of Siemens, Eaton);
    • cabinets and power input and distribution of electricity (on the basis of equipment of Siemens, Eaton, ABB);
  • Installation of cabinets for the system of automation, input and distribution of electricity;
  • Installation of cabling systems, wiring of power and data circuits;
  • Development and adjustment of software for complex control(TIA Portal STEP7 and HMI package(SCADA-system TRACE MODE 6);
  • Integration into the general system of technological equipment automation:
    • control system of chemical water treatment line;
    • control system of solid fuel boiler;
    • control system of electrostatic precipitator flue gas treatment;
  • Commissioning, training and maintenance of the facility.