The efficiency of work on the railway transport is largely depends on a reliable and fail-safe work of wheels, an important quality characteristic of which is the hardness of the surface of the wheel rim. Today there are a lot of requirements to quality of wheels: ISO 6506-1, GOST 9012, GOST 10791, M-107 / M208, EN 13262.

     Automated control system of railway wheels rim surface process skid was created to fulfill the railroad wheels quality requirements, and is based on EMKO hardness tester.

System features:

  • System provides an accurate all-axes positioning and the vertical axis positioning with binding to the outer surface of the rim wheel. Binding to the outer surface is made by using the high-precision absolute linear encoder that provides the required depth of the milling space for hardness measurement.
  • Information on the measured hardness is read from the measuring unit EMKO by means of the RS-232 interface and is shown on the operator panel.
  • Based on the data on the measurement of the hardness the system rejects the details, the hardness of which does not correspond to the requirements.
  • The record of amount of quality and defective items is kept automatically preserving the data in nonvolatile memory.