Mobile system for remote monitoring and control used to monitor and control the production process and parameters. The operator’s automated workplace is the link between the manufacture (in which there is a local ETHERNET network) and a smartphone (communication is provided over the Internet WAN). It is the operator's workstation where data files in the system are generated. To open the data file the mobile application Informer developed by LLC "Elektrotekhmash" is used.

The system provides:

  • monitoring of process equipment;
  • displaying numerical indications of the number of raw materials arriving into the production, and produced finished products.
     Controlled items are:
  • the status of all nodes participating in the process and the relationship between them;
  • options chosen by the customer, based on which the company reports on progress will be formed.

On request of user the following reports can be generated by the application:

  • report for the day;
  • report for the week;
  • report for the month.


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