–°ontrol cabinets

Top level workstations and server cabinets

   Top level workstations and server cabinets allow to visualize and archive the process, to automate technical information receiving, transmission and processing into the systems of higher level.
  • Server hardware;
  • Operator workstations;
  • Engineering control and management stations;
  • Remote monitoring and control systems.

Technological process and equipment control cabinets

  • Local control cabinets (PLC cabinets);
  • Cabinets of distributed input/output;
  • Cabinets network periphery;
  • Cabinets of AC and DC currents drives;
  • Motor control cabinet (may include also PLC).

Field level equipment control cabinets

   Instrumentation, sensors, hardware, which perform functions of interlocking and protection, switching of control signals to the actuators and manual control of the equipment:
  • Local control panels
  • Terminal boxes.



Top level workstations and server cabinets

Low-voltage distribution devices (0.4 kV):

Low-voltage distribution devices
  • Lead-in distributors (energy input, distribution and accounting);
  • Main distribution switchboards (MSB);
  • Reactive power compensation devices;
  • Cabinets automatic backup connection;
  • Complete low-voltage devices (NKU);
  • Low-voltage distribution installations;
  • Auxiliary distribution;
  • Motor control cabinets (MCC).


Medium voltage distribution equipment (up to 35kV)


  • Complete transformer substations:
    • Mast type;
    • Mast type single-phase;
    • With air input;
    • Passable;
    • Deadlock;
    • Based on the side 10 (6) kV.
  • Unilateral service gathering camera.