We offer development of any type of website:
  • "business card" website - is a small website which contains basic information about the company (the main activity area, history, price list, contact details, location map). The website may contain simplest forms of interaction with customers (forms for sending messages, customer testimonials).
  • promotional website - online resource which promotes the product, brand, service, one-time event or advertising campaign (conference, exhibition, concert).
  • the online store - is designed to sell products or services via the Internet.
  • "landing page" - is a web page, which contains information about the service (product), the visitor may be linked to it from advertisement in social networksadvertising campaigns in search engines or mailing. It is used to enhance the effectiveness of advertising. The main purpose of this page is turning a website visitor into a company client. Analysis of visitors behavior at the landing page allows marketers to estimate the success of advertising.