The sand-throwing machine PN-40 is a bridge type sand-throwing machine designed for stuffing large forms molds. The sand-throwing machine design is similar to the design of the bridge crane, where instead of lifting mechanism the impeller head is installed, which is a rapidly rotating rotor with several paddles. These blades and throw out of the impeller head «packages» of moldable mixture at high speed straight down into the flask. For feeding the mixture into an impeller head there is a special system of two belt conveyors (one of which is fixed and the other moves). The productivity sand-throwing machine - 40 m3/h, the served area - 3,0h3,0 m, the number of rotation of the rotor impeller heads per minute - 1470.

LLC "Elektrotekhmash" developed control system has the following functions:

  • control of mechanisms of movement of the bridge and the trolley;
  • control of the drive of rotation of the impeller head;
  • control of the reclaimer;
  • padding of shapes of molds and rods in the automatic mode.