Engineering services

   Engineering services - range of consulting, scientific, research, designing and analytical works. Engineering creates objects and ensures their operation, based on scientific knowledge.

   Extensive experience in various industries, qualified employees, innovative software and hardware allow us to provide highest quality engineering services in the areas of:

    1. new construction;
    2. reconstruction;
    3. technical re-equipment;
    4. expense audit;
    5. quality control of works;
    6. implementation of particular functions in construction;

   Since the beginning of our company existence we have always received positive feedbacks. We always aspire to grow, improve and share our experiences and new approaches to solve your problems.




Services we offer in the field of engineering:

  1. suitable process equipment and tooling selection;
  2. production inspection;
  3. preparation of recommendations on the production modernization;
  4. preparation of drawings;
  5. development of technologies for production modernization;

During the existence of our company we have only received positive feedback. We always strive to grow, to improve, to share experiences and new approaches to solve your problems.

Our past engineering projects:

    1. Construction of production lines in the food industry:
      1. Elevators;
      2. Oil pressing plants;
      3. Fish processing plants;
      4. Milk-processing plants;
      5. Feed production line.
    2. Construction of production lines in metallurgical industry:
      1. Steel strip cross-cutting unts;
      2. Hot-rolled steel strip technology;
      3. Cold-rolled steel strip technology;
      4. Technology of blast-furnace production;
      5. Technology of sinter production.

  We constantly work to improve our services, as well as engineering in general. We strive to make our job a hundred times better than our competitors.Judging by the reviews, we succeed.

   Professional engineering returns your investments and makes your business efficient and cost-effective. Quality engineering is always focused on results and high profits. Please contact us and we will help to open new prospects for your business!