Design of automated control systems



Our company offers automated control systems design services in different industries.

Design of control systems is carried out in the following sequence:
  1. initial data collection on the object and preparation of technical specifications for the planned control system;
  2. development and customer adoption of basic technical solutions to determine the optimal equipment composition taking into account already applied equipment and price-quality ratio;
  3. Commercial proposal preparation;
  4. Automated control systems design;
  5. final stage of developed project approval by the customer;
  6. oversight and guarantee maintenance of the object.

Please note that production modernization is performed without or with minimal production stops.

Software development for automated control systems

 Our specialists have extensive experience developing software for automated control systems of technological process of different complexity: from the tasks of local technology node automation to integrated automation solutions for the whole plant.

   The works of software development for automated control systems include:

  • PLC controllers programming;
  • Programming of operator panels;
  • SCADA-systems programming;
  • Parameterization of AC/DC drives;
  • Commissioning of automated control systems equipment;
  • Execution of works in terms of outsourcing;
  • Input of the control systems in operation;
  • maintenance of automation systems;
  • Training of automated control system engineers;
  • Technical support of automated control system.
Automation design services

Control and power distribution cabinets production


Our company has its own production facility for electrical equipment production on our own or customer projects.

See more detailed information equipment production and assemblying is carried by our highly qualified staff using components of leading foreign manufacturers.

We produce:

    • electrical control cabinets;
    • low-voltage distribution devices (0.4 kV);
    • medium voltage distribution cabinets (up to 35kV).

Adjustment and maintenance

  In addition to the designing and manufacturing automated control systems for your business, our specialists are ready to guide and maintain your equipment at every stage of its use. You don't have to worry that after installing the equipment you will face with the difficulties of finding highly qualified specialists for maintenance of equipment — we provide a full range of services and are always happy to help our customers.

  Our service center operates 24/7. Technical support of the object can be performed at the object or remotely. More information about  equipment commissioning and maintenance: